2010 until ...

Zapfenstreich in Hirschegg
EUREGIO 2011: Tattoo in Hirschegg (Kleinwalsertal, near Kempten)

2010 until ...

Due to the very successful performance of the previous year, 2010 again began with a matinee for the Lions Club of Neumarkt north of Salzburg. For the first - and most likely not the only time either - we participated in the spring festival of "Salzburger Volkskultur" (public Salzburg folklore organisation). As usual we took part in a number of promenade concerts in Salzburg's Mirabell Gardens. On the regiment's memorial day we performed our usual annual gala concert in the so-called Porsche Hall, a location very well suited for such occasions. Performances at Bischofshofen's Festival Summer (app. 50 km south of Salzburg) and also at the 125-years' jubilee of the local wind band of Anthering near Salzburg contributed to a very busy year. It is our intent to establish an additional series of concerts with an annual "Concert for Austria" on the eve of Austria's National Holiday on 26 October. 

2011 began with the third charitable matinee for Lions Neumarkt on 6 February, again with a full house. It has by now become a fixed event during the carnival season. G. Huber - former Red Cross director of the province - was excited about donations of more than € 1.800 for his "Rainbows Salzburg" project. A performance at the second wind band festival on Residence square - featuring the old tattoo amongst other pieces - was highly appreciated by the public. On 14 May we played a regimental memorial concert at the beautiful monastry church of St. Peter.

Two concert tours rounded off the year: At the end of August we were invited to represent our country at the so-called “Festa de ra Bandes” in Cortina d'Ampezzo. But, without any doubt, our contribution to the EUREGIO wind band under the motto "Facetten der Polizei- und Militaermusik” ("Facets of Police and Military Wind Band Music") demanded enormous steadfastness and dedication of our musicians. However, the tattoo in the evening together with two traditional tyroean civil "militia" groups will long be remembered by us as well as by our very numerous public. As usual the season ended with our traditional concert on the eve of our national holiday of 26 October - this time round at the Stieglkeller next to the fortress. A substantial amount of the proceeds from donations of this "Concert for Austria" went to the Red Cross. 

2012 was going to be yet another busy, eventful year with many highlights for us. After playing our usual charity matinee in Neumarkt for Lions we managed to record our fourth CD - during a strenuous but at the same time memorable weekend in March. Especially for this CD our conductor arranged Lehàr's beautiful waltz "Gold und Silber" ("Gold and Silver") for our band, employing the original key of the composer. "Gold und Silber" became the fitting title of this CD,  probably one of our best  so far.

There were joyful events to record - eg. the wedding of our bassoon player Katharina Messner (née Goetzinger) in September, but also the sad passing away of founding member, bugle player Julian Pichler in April and Herbert Voetterl, baritone player and former conductor of the wind band of Grossgmain, in October - both of them unforgettable...

On 21 July we once more performed a tattoo in the courtyard of the old Salzburg Residence Palace - well appreciated by a large public as well as fitting co-performers.

By invitation of Zell am See Grand Hotel owner Dr. Holleis we concluded the concert season with a tour to the former old Austrian spa town Opatija (Abbazia) on the Adriatic in Croatia. Besides performances on the hotel's terrace in honour of our host and a concert of Austrian marches in the town centre,  the gala concert at the beautifully restored Kvarner hotel was its definite highlight. 

2013 saw Rainermusik again play its matinee for the Lions Club in Neumarkt, as well the usual promenade concerts in the Mirabell Gardens, not to forget the regimental gala concert in May. At the beginning of June we were once again in Merano, partnerhip city of Salzburg. This time the occasion was a major tyrolean holiday, the so-called "Herz Jesu Sonntag" ("Sunday of the Festival of the Sacred Heart of Jesus").  We assisted our tyrolean "Schuetzen"-friends with music during mass and then provided fitting music during the rest of their festivity in the city centre.

August seems to develop into an exceptionally busy month. In addition to an evening promenade concert on 21 August, our programme of events included three more very appealing and successful events:

  • On invitation by Dr. Holleis we once again performed our tattoo by the lake in front of his Grand Hotel in Zell am See.
  • The following Sunday, 18 August, we provided the appropriate musical background at a memorial festivity in honour of Emperor Franz Joseph I. on Mozart's square in St. Gilgen. 
  • As part of the concerts series at the idyllic Renaissance Castle of Schloss Orth in Gmunden we we were to play a tattoo with appropriate accompanyment. Because of unfit weather we ended up playing a concert in the court-of-arms hall of the castle.

We concluded our concert season on 25 October with a participation in the swearing-in ceremonies of the armed forces on Residence Square, followed by our traditional "Concert for Austria" at the Stieglkeller on the way up to the fortress.

In November Mag.(FH) Gerhard Zauchner was co-opted as chairman of the orchestra, taking over from long-time chairman Dkfm. H. Stoellinger. 

2014  - as usual - sixth charity matinee for the Lions Club in Neumarkt on 8 February!

Once Again there were positive as well as sad events to record: on 8 May we played a concert in honour of the 90th birthday of our founder and honorary chairman Prof. Dr. Glaser in the Salzburg parish church of Muelln. Oh, yes, not to forget - our young chairman got married in the church of Laufen on the banks of the Salzach river, just across the Austro-Bavarian border. It goes without saying that we were there, playing and wishing his bride and him all the best...

On the other hand, we were more than sad having to mourn the passing away of Gerhard Poetzelsberger. He was an excellent musician, conductor, former member of the military band a many local clubs, enthusiastic "Rainer". We will treasure his memory!

On 18 August we were again invited to provide fitting music for the festivities in memory of Empereor Franz Joseph in St. Gilgen. Then, on 27 August, we finally managed to play our tattoo in the courtyard of Schloss Orth in Gmunden, accompanied by the traditional infantry regiment organisation of IR "Duke of Cumberland" Nr. 42, and preceded by a much applauded concert of Austrian marches. Finally, the concert celebrating 15 years Rainermusik Salzburg in the beautiful Carabinieri Hall of the Old Residence Palace turned out to certainly be one of the best so far in the short history of the orchestra.

As has become customary, 2015 again began with the usual matinee in Neumarkt - by now the ninth - on 14 February. Later, on 15 May, beginning at 19:30h, we were invited to open the festivity "Berge in Flammen"  (approx.. "Fire and Flames in the Mountains") of the "Schuetzen" (ie. a kind of civil territorial militia association) of the tyrolean town of Waidring in memory of  their forebears having to go to war 100 years ago. The general assembly on 8 April elected Mag.(FH) Gerhard Zauchner to be chairman of our club. He inherited his office from Heinrich Stoellinger, founding member and chairman betwen March 2003 and November 2013. We played two promenade concerts in the Mirabell Gardens, supplied the appropriate music for a commemorative event organised by the Rainer association of Haag a. H. in Upper Austria, entitled  "70 Years of Peace in Europe" and - as is our treasured tradition - our "Concert for Austria" on the eve of our national holiday. Together with the Rainerbund association of Salzburg we celebrated the 100th "birthday" of our regimental Rainer March with a concert on Residence Square and then - with a numerous, prominent public - inside the palace. The year came to an end with the passing away of our very good comrade, clarinettist Leopold Friedrich. We bid him a sad farewell on 31 October and will honour his memory!

2016 - After playing again in Neumarkt for the Lions Club's charity projects, we could be heard in the Mirabell Gardens on 1 June and then performed a very successfull gala concert in the lately refurbished concert hall at the Voglwirt in Anthering north of Salzburg. Its highlight was once more Carl M. Ziehrer's "Traum eines Oesterreichischen Reservisten" against a background of an appropriate slideshow of pictures. The performance of this beautiful medley has turned out to be one of our favourites - very fitting for our kind of orchestra!

Plans for the near future...

In addition to quite a number of "normal" performances with a possible a highlight in Bad Ischl's Kurpark on 14 August in the afternoon and evening - celebrating the old Emperor's birthday - we plan to produce our fifth CD this autumn. It will focus on military marches from the early nineteenth century up to the end of World War I.

In accordance with our goals we will try to commit ourselves even more exclusively to our niche - the lasting contribution of our country to the grand mosaic of European musical creations.