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10-Jahr-Jubiläum in der Salzburger Residenz
Die Rainermusik beim Konzert zum 10-jährigen Bestandsjubiläum im
Carabinierisaal der Salzburger Residenz

Ten successful years...

On 22 September 1999 37 musicians from all over the country met for a first practice in Salzburg. Then, after half a year of practicing, we could welcome more than 500 guests to our first concert in the Grand Aula of Salzburg University in May 2000. Later the same year we were invited to provide a musical background at the annual general meeting of our partner Raiffeisenverband Salzburg on the invitation of  its CEO, our honorary president Prof. DDr. Manfred Holztrattner. More performances are noteworthy, eg. taking part in the opening of the Salzburg festival. 

Already the next year the orchestra managed to create a good name for itself as a musical embassador beyond the borders of Austria. Our first concert tour April 2001 to Pozzuolo near Udine in the Friuli region of Italy is unforgettable. We played together with italian friends - a great joy to us, seeing as our forebears of the Rainer regiment fought Italy there during the struggles of World War One.   Two more trips followed in 2001: first concerts in the south of France at the "Festival des Anches d'Azur", and then to the well-known "Traubenfest" (app. "Grapes Harvest Festival) of Meran (Merano) in South Tyrol. 

In May 2002 the conductor's baton was taken over by Horst Egger. In July we followed an invitation to the international Innsbruck promenade concerts. Our concert at the Hofburg was part of a series of concerts under the motto „Alt Oesterreich stellt sich vor“  (something like "Old Austria presents itself"). In August we represented our country at a concert in Crespano (Venetia) and at the annual Austro/Italian commemorative day on Monte Grappa. In September we concluded the founding phase of the orchestra, when our historic battalion banner of the Rainer regiment was consecrated in Salzburg cathedral by prelate Univ. Prof. Dr. H. Paarhammer, assisted by Ms. H. Schausberger, wife of former provincial governor. 

In ​2003 the orchestra was again guest at the Innsbruck promenade concerts. But a real highlight of the year was definitely the joint concert the band of the Tyrol Kaiserjaeger in the concert hall of Salzburg Congress. On the regiment's memorial day (15 May) we performed the 25 minutes "Traum eines Oesterreichischen Reservisten" by Carl M. Ziehrer in the courtyard of the fortress of Hohensalzburg for the first time - one of our favourite pieces of music. It wasn't going to be the only performance. Getting invited to take part in a broadcast of ORF at Hellbrunn palace was definitely also a sign of public appreciation. Our concert season ended with a very successful charity concert for the Lions Club of Bad Hofgastein.  

In March 2004 the first CD in a planned sequence of three volumes with historical marches of the former regimental band was recorded at Koch-Universal Music. Apart from a gala performance in the Carabinieri-Hall of the old residence palace of Salzburg on the occasion of celebrating 5 years of Rainermusik, another highlight of the year should be mentioned, i.e. the concert tour to Vilafranca near Barcelona in connection with celebrations of patron saint St. Felix. We performed five concerts for approximately 10.0000 spectators, as well as five processions through the town. All this - combined with unusually high temperatures demanded total commitment by all members of the band.

After having had to perform our practices in three different locations since the foundation of the band, we finally managed to find a new and lasting home at the parish of St. Severin in Salzburg-Sam in March 2005. The concert season began with a contribution to the 100-years' jubilee of our sponsor Raiffeisenverband at the Salzburg Arena, followed by taking part in the swearing in celebrations of new recruits of the armed forces on Residence Square. Later on we performed in Lend (home town of our conductor) and at the Congress Centre in Berchtesgaden, Bavaria. In August we went to Cormons near Gorizia in the Friuli region of Italy, taking part in the traditional weekend of celebrations in honour of Emperor Franz Joseph I. On 17 September we celebrated "90 years of Rainermarsch" (regimental march) with a gala concert in the Grand Aula of the university. 

In March of 2006 we recorded volume 2 of our IR 59-historical marches CDs. In August we were invited to perform Carl M. Ziehrer's "Traum eines Oesterreichischen Reservisten" together with a company of solo ballet dancers from the Vienna State Opera - a most memorable experience. On 3 September we were one of the "attractions" of a big Chinese/Austrian television show on Domplatz (square in front of the cathedral). In addition to the usual performances in and around Salzburg, we went on a very successful concert trip to Merano and Eppan in October - part of the city partnership between Salzburg and the beautiful tyrolean city of Merano.

In August 2007 we were once more invited to play at Innsbruck's promenade concerts. However, one of the year's highlights turned out to be the performing of our grand "K.u.k. Zapfenstreich" ("Old Austrian Tattoo") in the courtyard of the Old Residence Palace of Salzburg with the help of local and international partners - celebrating 325 years of existence of Salzburg's Rainer infantry regiment. On 10 December our tubist Ernst Ramboeck presented his book on the history of the regiment's bands ("Die Musik des Rainerregiments (1682-1918)" ) in the large hall of the Rainer baracks - yet another sign of our commitment to a valuable tradition of our country

In April 2008 we produced our third CD. Its main feature is "Der Grosse K.u.k. Zapfenstreich" (app. "The Great Old Austrian Tattoo"), as put together by Col. H. Apfolterer, conductor of the military band of Tyrol. Further appearances of the orchestra should be mentioned, such as a traditional Old Austria Evening for Siemens-VAI at a former cavalry baracks in Enns, or taking part in the celebration of 110 years of existence of the cogwheel railway up the Schafberg in St. Wolfgang and of commercial ship lines on lake Wolfgangsee. In September we performed "Saxones", a very evocative symphonic painting of the history of German settlement in Transylvania from medieval times up to the end of World War II. It was arranged and in parts also composed by our trombone player Hans Alzner - himself a "Saxon" - on the occasion of a global meeting of former German transylvanians. Being awarded the Salzburg court of arms by the local parliament is a very precious sign of support of our dedication to the province's musical tradition. 

2009 began with a charity concert matinee for the Lions Club of Neumarkt/Strasswalchen in aid of project "Sonneninsel" in Seekirchen north of Salzburg. Its goal is to provide a temporary home to help children recover after having suffered from cancer. In March we again performed at a charity concert - this time for the Special Olympics organisation  - together with the local wind band of Wals near Salzburg and the police orchestra of Salzburg. On the occasion of celebrating ten years of existence of our orchestra we presented our third CD with the great tattoo as its central feature. In June we were again guests of our friends in Merano, South Tyrol, where - just like at a celebration of traditional guards' organisations of Upper Austria in Gmunden - we played the old tattoo with great success and public appreciation of our contribution to the festivities.