As is customary with Austrian wind bands there are also smaller ensembles of musicians within the various sections of  our orchestra. One of these is an excellent brass ensemble. In general it consists of a quartet of two trumpets or bugles, baritone and tuba.

The repertoire includes classical music, religious pieces, folk music, polkas, and naturally also marches, such as the regimental Rainermarsch. It performs either wearing the traditional uniform of the Rainer regiment, or in civilian, private clothes at weddings, club celebrations and parties, religious events (eg. during the Advent period), funerals, etc. 

Walter Lanschuetzer - long time member of the military band of Salzburg and first baritone within our orchestra - leads the ensemble. He may be reached by e-mail to wlanschuetzer@wifisalzburg.at, telephone (+43-699-10976196) or menu item „Contact”.