Ausmarsch zum Manöver

In line with our objectives our orchestra concentrates on the musical creations of the second half of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries. Within this niche of "serious" Central European music we perform about ten to fifteen concerts per year. We prepare for these appearances in an "project-oriented" fashion. Most of our musicians are also members of the bands of their respective home towns, where they are active all year round.

Upholding the memory of infantry regiment No. 59 - the former "house regiment" of Salzburg - we tend to play a gala concert on May 15 (regimental memorial day) or on the eve of October 26, our national holiday. 

In addition to concerts in and around Salzburg, the orchestra also performs in the neighbouring provinces (eg. with a ballet company of the Vienna State Opera in Altaussee/Styria) or four times at the well-known promenade concerts of wind bands Innsbruck. Various concert tours to European countries (eg. South Tyrol, the Friuli region, France, Spain, Croatia)allowed us to present Austria as musical embassadors of this country.

Performances during the rest of the year are mentioned under menu item Events->Concerts”. For a more complete account of the orchestra's achievements please see Chronicle”.