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Please support our orchestra! With a yearly contribution of € 15 (minimum) you...

  • ... pledge support of a musical tradition of this country - particularly valuable these days, seeing as upholding traditions is giving way more and more to financial and sometimes also egoistic leanings and necessities!
  • ... visit one of the concerts by per year, organised by the orchestra itself without any entrance fee
  • ... purchase CDs and other fan articles at a reduced price
  • ... will be notified of interesting Rainermusik projects ahead of time.

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The re-founding Rainermusik by Dr. H. Glaser in 1999 would not have been feasable without the financial and "moral" support of the city and province of Salzburg. Up to present days this continuing support is a sign of the appreciation of our dedication to Salzburg's military music tradition. Being awarded the honour of using the provincial court of arms in 2008 is one more sign for this public esteem.

On the other hand, our continued partnership with Raiffeisenverband Salzburg is proof of this banking organisation's strong support of regional customs and traditions.