Forgotten Treasures of Marching Music

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The title of this CD is "Vergessene Schätze der Marschmusik"  ("Forgotten Treasures of Marching Music"). It contains Austro-Hungarian military marches written during and around the time of the First World War. As time passed, many of the marches were forgotten - supposedly also caused by the turmoil at the end of the war and the immediate years thereafter. So as to make this CD-production possible, an intensive search within the Austrian National Archives was undertaken. It produced enough essential music sheets to enable our orchestra's three arrangers to bring the marches back to life again. The CD does not claim completeness, nor does it aim at romanticising this particular or any other war. Its goal is purely to make an important part of our Central European musical tradition accessible to the broader public. 

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CD: 353 250 - AUSTRO MECHANA LC 08453
Vergessene Schätze der Marschmusik
Märsche aus dem 1.

  Rudolf Kronegger,
Arr.: Johann Alzner
Für Kaiser und Vaterland (Kriegs-Marsch 1914)
2 Karl Pernklau,
Arr.: Hans Schmid,
Verlag: Ewoton
Hessen Marsch
3 Anton Mader,
Arr.: Josef Gruber
Zenta Marsch
4 Karl Sauermann,
Arr.: Johann Alzner
Österreichischer Landsturm Marsch
5 Hermann Dostal,
Arr.: Hans Kliment,
Verlag: Kliment
Mit Klingendem Spiel (Auf in den Kampf)
6 Hans Schmid,
Arr.: Josef Gruber
Rainermarsch (Originaltonart)
7 Bartholomäus Berloger,
Arr.: Johann Alzner
Salzburger Freiwillige Schützen 
8 Anton Mader,
Arr.: Johann Kieletihner
Lovcen Marsch
9 Hugo Riedel,
Arr.: Johann Kieleithner
9er Stürmer Marsch

Georg Fürst,
Arr.: Josef Gruber
Isonzo Marsch
11 Rudolf Kummerer,
Verlag: Ludwig Krenn
Sieg oder Tod im Alpenrot
12 Rudolf Hanf,
Arr.: Johann Alzner
13 Hans Schmid,
Arr.: Josef Gruber
Oberstleutnant Schilhawsky Marsch
14 Wilhelm Wacek,
Arr.: Johann Alzner
Freiherr v. Kirchbach Marsch
15 Franz Lehár,
Arr.: Josef Gruber
Piave Marsch (106er Regimentsmarsch)