Conductor Conductor Vocalist (Soprano) Vocalist
Flutes Flutes
Oboes Oboes Clarinets Clarinets Bassoons Bassoons
Bugles Bugles Horns Horns Baritones Baritones
Trumpets Trumpets Trombones Trombones Tubas Tubas
Drums/Percussion Drums/

In accordance with our objectives we opted for a "conservative" instrumentation of our orchestra. On the other hand we want to stay loyal to the typical sound of the old Austrian military bands of the era before 1918 as far as possible. This is one of the reasons for our two Eb Trumpets that contribute to a crisper sound when playing marches. On the other hand we chose not to play using the tuning of the old Austrian military bands - roughly half a tone higher than today's standard. Adopting the old standard would have meant increased cost for "tailor-made" good instruments. We also didn't want to forsake the possibilty to perform together with friends...

As we continue to enlarge our orchestra, we are eager to welcome musicians who want to dedicate some of their time to playing serious traditional, Central European windband music in addtion to their other musical leanings. It goes without saying that we take appropriate musical qualities for granted, as well as an identification with the objectives of our orchestra. At the moment we are particularly interested in excellent trumpeters and bugle players.