Organisation, Membership

Die Rainermusik Carabinierisaal der Sbg. Residenz

Our orchestra - official name: „Traditionsmusikkapelle des K. u. k. Infanterieregimentes „Erzherzog Rainer“ Nr. 59“ („Rainermusik“) - was founded in autumn 1999, thanks to an initiative of Dr. Herbert Glaser. Unfortunately Dr. Glaser passed away in January 2016, having founded four wind bands during his lifetime. Rainermusik's uppermost objective as a high quality amateur band is to look after the precious heritage of serious Central European music as well as upholding the memory of our forebears in Salzburg's infantry regiment No. 59 and its band.

We are a member of the association of wind bands of the city and province of Salzburg. At present the band has around fifty members - mainly from the city and province of Salzburg, but also from other provinces. Most of the musicians also play with other bands, and joined our group mainly because of our repertoire and vision. We plan to increase the size of the orchestra to include around sixty members. 

In addition to performances in and around Salzburg the orchestra has also been able to acquire an excellent reputation beyond the borders of our country. Concert tours have led us to play in various European countries, such as Spain, the Côte d'Azur, Croatia, or Italy. Some highlights of the short history of the band should be mentioned, among those we are most proud to have supported a ballet company of solo dancers of the Vienna State Opera in their performance of Carl M. Ziehrer's "Traum eines Oesterreichischen Reservisten".