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Salzburg Krone, 8 March 2015:
Rainermusik thanks Raiffeisen!

Since the founding of the orchestra by Dr. Herbert Glaser in 1999, the banking organisation of Raiffeisenverband Salzburg has become a most reliable and vital partner of the band. Our great success as a traditional windband and its continued existence would not have been possible without this very encouraging support. Our partnership contract with Raiffeisen has been renewed in addition to being able to attract even more musicians to the band and its further professionalisation. 

Partnerschaftsvertrag Porenta Zauchner

Michael Porenta (Marketing Raiffeisenverband Salzburg) and Rainermusik chairman Mag. (FH) Gerhard Zauchner

Salzburg Krone, 30 May 2015:
"100 Years Regimental Rainermarsch"
100 Jahre Rainermarsch

A commemorative stamp as well as a postcard and a sticker (see below) are available at the Rainer Regimental Museum within the fortress of Hohensalzburg. Contact: Rainermuseum
Sonderbriefmarke und Aufkleber

Salzburg Krone, 13 October 2011:
"The Rainer Regiment's band plays again"
Konzert Für Österreich

Daily Newspaper "Dolomiten", 26 October 2006:
"Gala Concert at the Kursaal Meran" (Merano, South Tyrol)
Bericht über das Galakonzert im Kursaal


Daily Newspaper "Dolomiten", 27 October 2006:
Reporting on the concert at the Tannerhof hall in Eppan-Girlan (South Tyrol)
Bericht über das Konzert im Tannerhof zu Eppan-Girlan


Salzburger Nachrichten ("Aus Stadt und Land")
Friday/Saturday, 11 and 12 August 2006, Altaussee "Kaiserzelt" am See -
"Bradlgeiger and Serenade, k.u.k. Traeume"
Performed by: Ballet Association of  the Vienna State Opera, students of the Vienna State Opera Ballet School, Rainermusik Salzburg, Grand String Orchestra of Bad Aussee, "Ausseer Bradlmusi"
Mit dem Staatsopernballett in Altaussee