The Rainer Regimental Tradition in Salzburg (2012 - 2014)
(Copyright Rainer-Regimental Museum Salzburg, 2015)

The film "Die Rainer in Salzburg (2012 - 2014)"  ("Die Rainer in Salzburg (2012 - 2014)" was created by the Rainerbund association of Salzburg between 2012 and 2014, triggered by an idea for such a project by Ing. Mag. Monika Bernberger. The film shows scenes in which Rainerbund, Rainermusik orchestra, and Salzburg detachments of the Austrian army are shown at the regimental museum within the fortress of Hohensalzburg, in the Mirabell Gardens, in the former Rainer regimental baracks, and by the Rainer obelisque at the entrance to the large communal cemetery of Salzburg.