Facsimile - Rainermarsch, 1. Flh.

The era of the famous Strauß dynasty also was a hayday of Austrian military music. One of its objectives was to create something like a "identy" within the Austro-Hungarian monarchy through music, taking the oevres of the best and popular composers of the time to all corners of the crownlands and provinces. In addition, by being a melting pot of the varied musical tradtions, the bands became something of a mirror of the multicultural Austro-Hungarian monarchy. It is this kind of music of the area of Central Europe from the time up to the 1920-ies, which we attempt to play at an high amateur level. 

In this sense the creations of composers such as the Strauß dynasty, Julius Fučík, Franz von Suppé, or Karl Komzàk are part of our repertoire, as are also pieces by Lortzing, Verdi, or Tchaikovsky.  It goes without saying that we play the well-known old Austrian military marches. Being a kind of "regimental band", we have also performed pieces such as Carl M. Ziehrer's "Traum eines Oesterreichischen Reservisten"  (literally translated: "The dream of an Austrian Army Veteran") a number of times.

In addition - following its vision and objective of looking after the musical tradtion of Salzburg's infantry regiment No. 59 - the orchestra created two CDs with historic marches of the regiment's old band in 2004 and 2006, followed by a third CD with the "Grand Old Austrian Tattoo" of former Salzburg military band conductor Col. Hannes Apfolterer at its centre. A fourth CD ("Gold und Silber") featuring Lehàr's famous waltz was published in 2012 (see menu item "shop").

On the other hand we try to keep away from other, certainly also worthwhile musical areas - such as Jazz or Latin American music. These genres are presented by many other orchestras at a level which probably couldn't be surpassed by us. 

We like to stick to the motto: "Every man to his trade", concentrating on what we believe we can do best!