Märsche CD5 Forgotten Treasures of Marching Music
Marches composed during and around
 the time of the First World War (1914-1918)
Märsche Folge 1

Historische Maersche des IR 59 (Folge 1)
(Historical Marches of IR 59 - volume 1)
(unfortunately sold out!)

Märsche Folge 2 Historische Maersche des IR 59 (Folge 2)
(Historical Marches of IR 59 - volume 2)
Zapfenstreich Der Große K.u.K. Zapfenstreich
(Grand Old Austrian Military Tattoo)
Gold und Silber Gold und Silber
(Gold and Silver)
Buch Die Musik des Rainerregiments (1682–1918)
(History of the Music of the Rainer Regiment)

In accordance with its objectives the orchestra has already produced four CDs, starting in 2004 and 2006 with volumes 1 and 2 of historical marches played by the old regimental band. A third CD with the title „Der Große K.u.k. Zapfenstreich”  ("Old Austrian Royal Tattoo") followed in 2009. During our gala concert of 2012 we could finally present the public with our fourth CD - „Gold und Silber” ("Gold and Silver") - with this great waltz of Franz Lehár as one of its main features. The latest production is a CD with the title "Forgotten Treasures of Marching Music". It was presented to the public during our gala concert at the Salzburg Residence Palace and contains Austro-Hungarian military marches from around the time of World War I.

In addition we presented a book titled „Die Musik des Rainerregiments (1682-1918)” . CDs and book are available via our homepage, through the trade, by contacting members of the band, and by e-mail (see menu item "Contact"). Unfortunately our first CD is no more in stock at the orchestra. It may however be available in appropriate CD-shops. Some of the marches can be downloaded from Youtube.